Gordon Brown - vanity?

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Gordon Brown - vanity? Empty Gordon Brown - vanity?

Post by Doc on Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:34 pm

Very surprised to see that Jack Straw has done a hatchet job on Gordon Brown http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-19755808

Why now if not to sell books. But reading the stuff on the BBC site regarding an interview he gave yesterday I find it amazing that almost everyone in cabinet, knew Brown wouldn't be able to do the job of Prime Minister. Even Blaire, no big fan of Brown openly encouraged anyone to go up against Brown, including Harmon, Straw, Johnstone etc. They all discussed it openly and decided they may do more damage than Brown could do so left him a free run at leadership. One telling remark was that Straw realised that Brown whilst Chancellor only had to make 4 big judgements each year, but as PM would need to act every day on major matters and sometimes more than once.

The reality is that Brown was like Nero who watched Rome burn, because nobody had the bottle to stand up to him. So the country explodes in a financial mess, which is going to make everyone in this country suffer for many years, simply because of one mans vanity and his quest for the top job. I also lump Milliband (David) Straw and all the other cabinet cronies in this pot, because they should have stood up for their country (As our services are having to do) instead of looking after themselves.

Most of these idiots are still in senior labour positions, but I will never vote for them again after the damage they've done. how dare they preach to us about winning our trust back.

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