Flights and taxes

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Flights and taxes

Post by Doc on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:14 am

It's now looking like open war as the US goes tit for tat against the stupid EU climate change tax they introduced. We've discussed the amount of extra costs we as airline passengers are being shafted with, and from April will see a new passenger levy duty introduced, which is on top of everything else. The US are going to relaliate and Hilary Clinton will hit the EU airlines with some stick of their own. The Chinese will also have a go as this tax is going to cost their airlines billions. the Aussies, Canadians and seems like every man and his dog thinks the EU are stupid

There really are times when i wish we could just tell these stupid, beurocratic nobeads to do one. I'm sick of paying tax on everything and anything because of ineptitude and greed of a certain section. Golf abroad is already expensive enough, but if the yanks penalise us as well, then Jas will find it tough on his golf treks around the world.

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