The folly of our leaders and why do we tolerate them

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The folly of our leaders and why do we tolerate them

Post by venice1 on Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:16 am

To open up a new 'old can o' worms'...

From the

"Prime Minister David Cameron said it was a "desperately sad day for our country".

"Every death and every injury reminds us of the human cost paid by our armed forces to keep our country safe," he said, at the start of Prime Minister's Questions."

The best thing the U.K. can do for the U.S. is to not follow my country's obsession with being a world policeman and using the most f------ lame excuse "... to keep our country safe."

The only good reason to be in Afghanistan is to promote the opium industry if that is someone's cup of tea. Sadly, it'll take many more soldiers' deaths to make our leaders even consider withdrawing from Poppyland. Guaranteed that the Afghani warlords are toasting and singing praises to the ignorant Western powers every night before they draw up their next game plan with a stick in the dirt by the campfire to the delight of new young recruits.

Combined, our two countries border on being a pathetic lot too often. Can anyone blame the miscreant Putin for being a paranoid egomaniac while the Chinese just sick back and laugh at all of us?

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Re: The folly of our leaders and why do we tolerate them

Post by diggers on Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:45 am

I could not agree more with all of that , as well as the cost in human life there is also the financial waste involved.
It's all a complete crock, picking and choosing where we go with no real logic behind the decisions.
The sooner we are out the better.


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